REPRODUCED – Rethinking P.A. Klier and D.A. Ahuja by Lukas Birk & Carmín Berchiolly With an essay by Carmín Berchiolly

Philipp Adolphe Klier and D.A. Ahuja were two of the most important image makers during Myanmar’s early colonial times. Their reproductions have been used and interpreted throughout the decades in many different forms, yet we still know very little about their lives. While much of their original work survives today in the form of reproductions, they still form an integral part of Myanmar’s visual heritage. We must ask ourselves, what do these images really tell us about life in Myanmar 100 years ago?
“… In an age of digital communication and fast-spreading imagery, we have to reflect even more on the sources of our information. In Myanmar, just as in many other countries that were colonised and overpowered by European forces, the first images were produced through the lens of superiority, catering to the desires of foreign audiences for exotic satisfaction. These images have prevailed and give base to a past reality that is in many cases a somewhat fictional representation. The idea for this book was conceived with the question of what can be believed or should be rethought in regards to some of the most widespread photographs of the early 20th century that were produced in Myanmar by Philipp Adolphe Klier and D.A. Ahuja…”
64  / Stab-bindig
68gsm doubled
200gsm doubled cardboard / gold embossed
300 / hand-made

REPRODUCED – Rethinking P.A. Klier And D.A. Ahuja


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