Resuscitating History

By History of Burma 


Old black and white figures and buildings in images seem like they only exist in the image realm. If we are to communicate these figures to reality, make moving pictures to tell history, it would have a great impact. Seeing frozen times in photos as something viable and moving is exciting and awe-strucking. Our Yangon in old times would be more alive, easier to imagine. Humongous buildings, roads, parks and lifestyles different from now is a past imagery that is invaluable to us.


In colonial era, even the street names have their own stories. British colonial government system and clothings from those era can also be interesting to study. Stories of famous and successful businessmen in that era should be told in films. In south east Asia, India loves to make movies about their countries past true stories. If we resuscitate frozen images and people in historical photos to moving screens, this will be invaluable knowledge for youths and old people alike and this maybe a way to showcase the world how Myanmar had talented people since the old days. All we need to do is give life to images and make them reach the international audience.






History of Burma aka Robert runs an active Facebook page where he share historical images, videos and information he persistently researched on the internet to the public. He is passionate about History of Myanmar and wants to open a small photography museum one day, showcasing the past via old photographs.