Their Beauty in White images

By History of Burma 


“If I have to say it beautifully, you are really beautiful….” Like that song, there are a lot of black and white photographs in which are women, men and children being stylishly vintage and beautiful. If we look back into Myanmar Fashion History, Burmese attire and styles has a lot of range. To look at a specific era, women in colonial times liked to take photographs with a corn cigar as fashion.


For the men, old people use “Kaung Paung” (a type of male attire headwear for formal occasions) and “Shaung-Tone” (a type of hair style for long-haired men). These showcases their pride and dignity. Rich men, royal court ladies and royal guards, employees have all their own fashion to make their class visible.  These different fashion differ as time differentiates. Strangely enough there are some men who would wear *Ko-Taung-Pa-Soe with a naked top casually. Photos, if you have a habit of collecting, will be invaluable one day. As years passed, their value grows.


*Ko-Taung-Pa-Soe :

“Taung” is a type of Burmese measurement. 1 Taung is equivalent to 18 inches. Here “Ko-Taung” means nine Taung.

“Pa-Soe” also sometimes called Longyi for men in English is a type of bottom wear for men. “Ko Taung Pa Soe” is a very formal attire so it’s strange to see men wearing Ko Taung Pa Soe casually without any top in old photos or to know that it was a fashion trend.






History of Burma aka Robert runs an active Facebook page where he share historical images, videos and information he persistently researched on the internet to the public. He is passionate about History of Myanmar and wants to open a small photography museum one day, showcasing the past via old photographs.