Yangon’s Jubilee Hall

By History of Burma 


Jubilee Hall has not existed for many years. It used to stand on Shwedagon Pagoda Road where the Military History Museum once existed. In the past, Jubilee Hall was one of the grandest historical building in Yangon. As grand as it was, the building was also the place where many historical events took place. Jubilee Hall broke ground in 1893 January 31st and was built as the diamond Jubilee (60th anniversary) of Queen Victoria’s reign. 


Jubilee Hall’s architecture followed the colonial-era style buildings and at the top of the building was a clock tower. Any and every grand event in Yangon was held in Jubilee Hall. Famous Myanmar theater actor and dancer Great Poe Sein ’s show was once held in the building. In 1921 November 28th, the first ever convocation event of Yangon University students took place. A religious honorary award was awarded by the British colonial government to famous monk “Nout Lal-Di SayarDaw” (SayarDaw is a polite term used to address monks.) On 27th June 1922, JCBA hold their association meeting. On December 5th 1934, Ma Chit Nyunt won the Women Pageant Competition. As time goes by, more groundbreaking and historical events were held at the Jubilee Hall. 

On 19th July 1947, after the assassination of General Aung San and his political mates, their bodies were placed in Jubilee Hall for people to come and pay respect. Jubilee Hall was also the place where international cultural exhibitions and short stories competitions were held. Pann Htrar School, National library and National Museum was briefly stationed at Jubilee Hall. Despite its historical significance, Jubilee Hall was demolished in 1985 by the socialist government in Myanmar. If Jubilee Hall was still here today, its grandness would have probably persisted even across the years.





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